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This Is My Specialism

Too often do we find ourselves, or someone that we care about, struggling or having to cope…. We can find ourselves just waiting for change or hoping for change to come along….

It can be different. It can be much better, and much more quickly.

Whether it is that there is a difficulty to overcome, or whether there is something that is good and worthwhile to set towards and achieve, psychology coaching is a specialism that can hugely improve that process. Save time, reduce struggle, improve outcomes and learn how to be capable of exactly what you want to become capable of.

Improving mindsets, improves lives.

Whether it is for yourself or someone that you know as an individual or for a business/organisation, if you have any questions or need to discuss …… please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Evolving Psychology

A commitment to the development of approaches, knowledge and skills is the central pillar of my practice in the provision of Psychology services. Through training and experience I have been lucky to come across many ways to enhance my practices so that clients can come to their desired outcome as effectively and efficiently as possible. I believe Psychology support should be personal, flexible, accessible, intuitive and effective.


Each of the techniques that I have trained in and developed can be fantastically effective in themselves. Most often though we will mix and blend and make the best possible use of all of the approaches combined.

Whatever is the best and most suitable and effective way to shift from there being a difficulty, hurdle or limitation…. I can assist you in reaching a preferred and improved position instead.


Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area of rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and ways of being.


Practitioners consistently report that IEMT has created change in their clients where no other approach has worked previously.


IEMT is a proposed brief therapy and an evolving field that enables a core state change in minimal time. Specifically in my experience PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, Guilt, Shame, and other strong emotional reactions which a person may feel stuck with and powerless against – Can be relieved and assisted to great effect using IEMT


You can find more information here


Coaching, relating to the original French word ‘Coach’, meaning – A vehicle for getting people and things from one place to another.


Coaching approaches look to actively assist individuals to transition from a position of being stuck and having a problem or obstacle, to being clear of it and being in a better place instead.


Proactive education and direct application of knowledge & strategies can be exactly what is required sometimes.

Cognitive Behavioural & Counselling Techniques

Though I’m not certified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist, as I chose specifically to pursue a broader range of approaches rather than any singular specialism, I do have a firm understanding of the value, merits and uses of these talking therapy approaches.


Years of professional mental health work within the NHS and many many hours of face-to-face direct client work bring a substantial grounding in successful therapy through discussion and conversation. This experience and these techniques weave their way through the client process naturally and to great effect 🙂

Metaphor Work

This is the effective and efficient use of Metaphor within therapy, coaching and training.


Refined awareness and effective use of metaphor is such a powerful source of insight and a major tool for profound change within therapy, coaching and training.


Metaphors are the fundamental building blocks of how we think and communicate. When someone tells you that, ‘It’s like I’m banging my head against a brick wall…..’, There is a hell of a lot that they are communicating about the situation they face and how capable they feel within it. Much can be done with this.


Metaphor work is powerful and extremely useful 🙂

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

There are many different forms and uses of NLP.


Simply – I find it to be a very very useful knowledge set which gives us some fantastic capacities for choice and awareness in relation to how we make sense of the world, and how we act and communicate within it.


The perspectives, tools and techniques of NLP have led to some of the most profound and positively effective client experiences that I have had the pleasure to share in.

'Parts' Processes

I initially learned of ‘Parts’Processes in NLP. Since then they have grown to be some of the most astoundingly effective forms of change work that I have seen with clients for achieving deep and lasting change.


The processes allow us to gain very clear core insights into what is going on within a problem. From seeing things clear in these ways, we can then choose exactly what to do about them.

Hypnotherapy & Trance Work

To keep it simple, I will just say that from direct experience and from much use with groups and individuals – This stuff works.


These forms of practice allow us to good use of the sub-conscious minds abilities, and it is a very powerful tool to make use of 🙂


From modern scientific western understandings of hypnosis and the effective therapeutic use of different brain activity states, to the understandings of the Yogic traditions and Yoga Nidra – There are really useful and often very satisfying ways of taking advantage of the capabilities of the brain for relief, development and improvement.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries 🙂

Yoga & Exercise

“If there was a pill as good for balancing diabetes, curing high blood pressure, preventing heart disease, alleviating stress and relieving depression & anxiety as exercise is….  It would be the most expensive pill on the planet.”


Yoga began for me as a way of doing some exercise at home when I didn’t have time to get out doing other things. When I went to India to study it, it grew and grew!


Firstly in the appreciation for what a complete and intuitive system of exercise it is. Mostly though, coming to understand how much the Yogi’s understand about this brain – body system that we have. It is truly impressive. Those guys know things! 🙂


If a client may benefit from sharing in these things and coming to experience these benefits then I will happily offer them forwards. Much can be enhanced by the different elements of Yogic approaches. From the physical, to the mental, to breathing and meditative practices. Whatever works, works. Where it is appropriate and welcome, this stuff can certainly be life enhancing.


Also, I’ve come to see clearly that some of these benefits are not limited only to Yoga as a physical practice. Many forms of exercise can lead to the exact same improvements in body, mind, energy and spirit. Where I can share understanding of this to your benefit I’m happy to 🙂

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness as a concept has become more and more popular over recent years. It definitely can play an important, effective and beneficial role in gaining relief, stability and control within whatever situations are around us. And the many many potential benefits for increased energy, creativity and health are widely noted!


Mindfulness is essentially a condensed version of Yogic approaches to mind balancing. Having trained in Yoga for over 500 hours in India, as well as many hours of self practice and also teaching, I understand mindfulness very well 🙂


There are many approaches and techniques available to assist in developing and coming to make great use of this empowering skill.

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The Bigger Than That Programme

Stress management, Resilience, Motivation and Confidence, Will Power and Determination, Psychological Excellence, and more. All of these will be covered in one go through the insightful and empowering, ‘Bigger Than That Programme’.

The Series – mental health seminars

From my continuing experience of seeing mental health difficulties cause such unfortunate circumstances and negative experiences for longer than anyone would want and also longer than may be necessary, I have written a series of brief seminars and am hosting talks to assist in reducing these negative impacts by addressing the common difficulties.

The Six That Fix

The Six That Fix is a Psychology education programme which brings forward key concepts that are very useful in many areas of our own lives, and also in working with or managing individuals and teams.

Yoga and The Mind

The body, the mind, the spirit - the lot! 🙂 Yoga is an amazing discipline and knowledge set for understanding this human system that we have, and for understanding how to use it to its best and fullest potential within this life that we have.

James is tough. Ha! He focuses on doing things right and looking after our bodies but also continuously brings new things to test us. I love the challenges and seeing the progress we make. And the Yoga workshop days are great. It's just so wonderful to indulge in a full day of treating yourself, learning and relaxing. Couldn't recommend James enough!
Yoga Student
Love James's classes!! 😊 My friend and I have been coming to James's Yoga for over 2 years now and every week we love it.
Yoga student
Professional, genuine and knows his stuff. James has been invaluable in helping me through a situation which would certainly have gotten a whole lot worse had it gone on much further. So glad that I took the steps in taking his help.
Business Owner
James never fails to fascinate me! Every meeting we have I come away with fresh ideas and fantastic perspectives that I had never even considered before. James has been of great use to me and my staff.
Chief Executive
The whole process was relaxing and quite surreal. There is nothing scary or to be fearful of. I still can’t believe that the negative emotions and physiological responses that I have been living with for the past 10 years have disappeared.
Individual Client
Working with James has been amazing. It has enabled me to regain control of my life. James quickly made me feel at ease. From our first session I have been so much happier. The results have stunned my family.
Individual Client

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