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1-2-1 and Group – Yoga Mentoring and Philosophy

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Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha….

(Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind)

The physical, the mental and the spiritual aspects of Yoga I have been exploring for a good while now and each are available for exploring, learning and discussion.

You may be interested in exploring further your own individual path, or whether it is mindfulness groups or educational seminars that you, friends or colleagues may be interested in, all are possible to arrange 🙂

Get in touch to see what we could bring forwards....


I make a specific point of grounding any and all of these learnings into ‘down to earth’, real world ways of applying and practicing. I believe that congruence should underpin all that we do. If something you are attempting to learn is freaking you out (whether that be meditation, yoga or other aspects of life) then there’s probably a simpler or more conducive way of exploring it.


I speak from experience!! 🙂 and this is why I am glad to assist others to avert traps and difficulties and instead to have a clean and enjoyable path of development and growth.


Any question or query on any of these subjects I am always very glad to hear 🙂


Also, if there is something that I can’t necessarily assist on, it’s likely that I will know somebody who can.

My background

I trained to teach in India….

….studying with the highly esteemed Yogi Kamal SIngh and Sunil Sharma at Tattvaa Yogashala.

Named in the top 5 in India 🙂 Visit Link

Training in Rishikesh, the international home of yoga, was a great experience. A high level of skill and alignment in physical asana practice was a big focus. The depth of exploration and respect for the traditional philosophies of Yoga also were hugely life enhancing.

Following my time with Yogi Kamal and Sunil in Rishikesh, I have continued to develop and explore the physical, philosophical and mental aspects of Yoga and have much to share with those who are keen and curious 🙂

Contact me today to see how I can help