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The Journey

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Psychology, as an area of learning, made an impression on me at A-level. Having developed an interest in the subject, I continued on to Degree level, graduating with a Bsc (Hons), 2:1 from The University of Hull. Determined to use the knowledge and skills gained from the degree, I worked in mental health residential homes whilst still at University.


Not long after leaving University I was offered a job within an NHS severe and enduring mental health team – one of the highest levels of psychiatric care in the community. This involves working with individuals in order to avoid psychiatric inpatient admissions at times of crisis. I also empower individuals to be able to adapt to life in the community whilst living with severe mental illness. This is challenging and extremely eye-opening.


The knowledge of real-world Psychology and the understanding that I have gained of human function, and of the possible effects of life’s stresses on a person’s situation have been invaluable. I have worked with severe and enduring mental illnesses, encountering the difficulties of chronic depression, chronic anxiety, drug-induced psychosis, post-traumatic stress, suicidality and schizophrenia, among other disorders. When you’ve worked well with such extreme levels of mental disorder, your ability to work with anyone is greatly enhanced.

My Professional Development


Realising that I had been lucky to amass a rich and varied wealth of experience in working with many different people and in all manner of situations from the progressive and positive to the complex and difficult, I wanted to further my training and education in Psychology.


As a result of this, I studied Advanced Life Coaching – graduating with a Distinction – as well as gaining an internationally recognised Practitioner status qualification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These qualifications have enhanced my understanding of human function significantly.


Assisting people with my accrued skills and knowledge of psychological support is now my chosen direction.


Setting up in private practice as a Professional Psychology Coach and NLP Practitioner was an exciting venture, and the work that I have undertaken with clients has proven to be effective and extremely worthwhile.


I trained in Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) as part of continuing my professional development. With this added specialism, the outcomes I achieve with clients can be astoundingly effective in an impressively short space of time. The drive to continuously read, research, practice and develop in the areas of Psychology is constant for me and I find the application of this work for the success of clients extremely encouraging and fulfilling. Simply, I love this stuff!


For my personal progression, and as a way of validating my work to a high degree, I am registered with professional bodies in my three disciplines: The International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for IEMT Practitioners – each of which are reputable professional bodies and I abide by their codes of ethics and commitment to the development of our professions.

My experience of the mind comes not only from professional qualifications…. But also from the ancient traditions of Yoga and more….

Qualifications & Core Practices

BSc (Hons), Adv Dip, NLP Prac, IEMT Adv. Prac.

NLP Practitioner

Psychology Consultant

Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapist

Coach & Trainer

Presentations & Training

Business and employee support

Personal Mentor

Performance Coaching

Yoga instructor

James is tough. Ha! He focuses on doing things right and looking after our bodies but also continuously brings new things to test us. I love the challenges and seeing the progress we make. And the Yoga workshop days are great. It's just so wonderful to indulge in a full day of treating yourself, learning and relaxing. Couldn't recommend James enough!
Yoga Student
Love James's classes!! 😊 My friend and I have been coming to James's Yoga for over 2 years now and every week we love it.
Yoga student
Professional, genuine and knows his stuff. James has been invaluable in helping me through a situation which would certainly have gotten a whole lot worse had it gone on much further. So glad that I took the steps in taking his help.
Business Owner
James never fails to fascinate me! Every meeting we have I come away with fresh ideas and fantastic perspectives that I had never even considered before. James has been of great use to me and my staff.
Chief Executive
The whole process was relaxing and quite surreal. There is nothing scary or to be fearful of. I still can’t believe that the negative emotions and physiological responses that I have been living with for the past 10 years have disappeared.
Individual Client
Working with James has been amazing. It has enabled me to regain control of my life. James quickly made me feel at ease. From our first session I have been so much happier. The results have stunned my family.
Individual Client