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Business Psychology Support Services

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Specialist Psychology On Hand For Your Business.

For a business to run smoothly, successfully and sustainably it depends on the stability and collective function of the necessary parts. My experience and knowledge can help with….

Employee Support

Identifying and overcoming obstructions in staff & teams

Employee Motivation

Presentations, Workshops & Training

Culture Development

Director and Management Coaching


I offer a wide range of direct support services to enable and ensure that the best can come forward in your workplace and your workforce.


Making use of my services will allow you to bring out the best in your organisation, your employees and yourself. Resolving ongoing or repeating issues, or even better, managing to wholly avoid issues and leaking of resources, will reduce losses of time, money and wasted energy. This will have much benefit toward the efficiency and momentum of your organisation.


A few of the benefits and problems I can help solve include:

Conflict Issues

Project Delays

Sickness – Absence

Decreased Motivation

Reduced Productivity

Staff Turnover

Extensive HR processes

Burnout & Exhaustion

Loss of valuable resources through personnel problems



Individual Clients Assisted



Of Hours of Face To Face Experience



Types Of Situation That Can Be Assisted



Group Trainings / Presentations  Delivered

The Process

My experience in working with individuals and with and within teams in a broad variety of ways leads to a simple process to guide successful provision of training and support

  1. Contact

    Make contact to begin the process of assessing just how it is possible to assist your business or organisational needs.

  2. Assess

    From having made initial contact, we will then further formulate how best to provide the support that your staff or organisation would benefit from. This is where we highlight specifically how an organisational or personnel issue or obstacle may be hindering or negatively impacting your business operations and define the strategy to alleviate and overcome that hurdle.

    We will highlight how group training and education, management support, or perhaps one-to-one personal coaching and Psychology support for individuals may be the most effective way of improving or developing a situation.

  3. Implement

    The strategy highlighted in the Assess stage will be unique to your organisation and need. The support is to be tailored to achieve your specified outcomes. Whatever form that takes will be customised towards your organisation and personnel arrangements. This gives us the flexibility to design an approach which will effectively fit the bill and achieve the desired results. It will not be just a preset, blanket approach.

  4. Review

    As with any active plan, reviewing and measuring progress is strongly advisable. Keeping track of the progress of and the effect of a strategy gives us vital information as to it’s success or the need for a shift in approach. I like to work with the specific reality of a situation. Clean, clear facts of the reality. This is what leads to sustainable progress and truly effective results.

    So clear and effective review processes will always be in place to monitor and highlight the success of our implemented support.

Mental Health in the workplace is a thing - Let's get it right

James is tough. Ha! He focuses on doing things right and looking after our bodies but also continuously brings new things to test us. I love the challenges and seeing the progress we make. And the Yoga workshop days are great. It's just so wonderful to indulge in a full day of treating yourself, learning and relaxing. Couldn't recommend James enough!
Yoga Student
Love James's classes!! 😊 My friend and I have been coming to James's Yoga for over 2 years now and every week we love it.
Yoga student
Professional, genuine and knows his stuff. James has been invaluable in helping me through a situation which would certainly have gotten a whole lot worse had it gone on much further. So glad that I took the steps in taking his help.
Business Owner
James never fails to fascinate me! Every meeting we have I come away with fresh ideas and fantastic perspectives that I had never even considered before. James has been of great use to me and my staff.
Chief Executive
The whole process was relaxing and quite surreal. There is nothing scary or to be fearful of. I still can’t believe that the negative emotions and physiological responses that I have been living with for the past 10 years have disappeared.
Individual Client
Working with James has been amazing. It has enabled me to regain control of my life. James quickly made me feel at ease. From our first session I have been so much happier. The results have stunned my family.
Individual Client