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The Bigger Than That Programme

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A unique development programme which enhances valuable core capabilities:

Mental Focus

Emotional Stability

Stress Management


Improved Health

Enhanced Will Power

Why James?

Experienced, professional

James is more than just a corporate trainer – He is an experienced Psychology Professional who brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge & experience to his training programmes.

This means that the relevance & benefits of his trainings and follow on support are all the more potent & effective.


1/2 Day - Full Day - Or Thoroughly Comprehensive 2 Day Programme

Why The Bigger Than That Programme?

Combining inspirational content, proven techniques, scientific understanding and contemporary Psychology

This Programme leads attendees to improved focus, resilience, confidence, and many more vital personal qualities.

The Programme brings forward a unique and inspring set of scientific concepts which illustrate how we can gain greater control and direction within this ‘Brain-Body System’ that we have.

Gaining awareness of our potential for self-direction, and having a developed understanding of how to actively embody and access it, is an empowering experience. And can become so valuable to us in our business, personal and family lives.

Psychology which is intuitive, appealing and directly applicable.

James puts a strong emphasis on straight-forward Psychology.

What You’ll Gain?

Strengthened Personal Capability

In attending the ‘Bigger Than That’ Programme – Individuals will gain a recognition of how they can take a fuller responsibility within their day to day life and the ability to use this to better achieve whatever they set themselves towards.

Developed empowerment in individuals leads to:

Enhanced sense of purpose

Enhanced leadership potential

Enhanced will power & confidence

Less stress

Enhanced communication & cooperation

Increased productivity

Increased self-reliance

Less sickness

Contact us today to see how this programme can benefit you or your organisation