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The Series – Mental Health Seminars

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A Series of Talks for Developing Mental Health and Mental Strength

James is an experienced Psychology Professional who brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge & experience to his training programmes.

This means that the relevance & benefits of his trainings and follow on support are all the more potent & effective.

Come to understand common disorders and difficulties

See how things can change

Learn ways of responding to and managing difficulties

Develop confidence and capability

Empower Yourself

Gain a better handle on situations

These talks in the community are free to attend and are designed to share perspectives, concepts and strategies which give people a much better chance of taking on and overcoming common difficulties.

The Schedule:

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Information coming soon

Want another topic covering?…. Contact and request

Talks are on Tuesday evenings – 8pm at The Vanguard Centre, Bevington Close, Burnley BB11 4SD

Why Come Along?

It’s time to make Psychology easier…. Get a good handle on things

The intention of this series of talks is to highlight just how possible it is to gain a handle on and improve our position no matter how long it has been going on or how stuck it may seem to be.


I have worked in NHS Mental Health services for a decade and understand symptoms, conditions and solutions very well. I approach these topics with genuine understanding, but more importantly with genuine awareness of exactly how possible it is to make progress with any of the things which life may have thrown at you, and to get to a place of improved comfort and enjoyment in life.


The insights, strategies and concepts that come forward in The Series are designed towards challenging problems and overcoming them. This is what consistently creates the greatest amount of change in the private clients that I see. If you or someone you know is fed up of their situation or could do with a boost in belief or confidence, then this stuff will assist that. Come along and see for yourself 🙂

Psychology which is intuitive, appealing and directly applicable.

James puts a strong emphasis on straight-forward Psychology. Psychology which is intuitive, appealing and directly applicable.

What you’ll get.

In attending The Series talks

Individuals will gain a recognition of how they can take a fuller responsibility within their day to day life and use this to direct themselves positively and with purpose. No matter what situations may have come about in life, it is what we do towards going forwards which will determine how things will be ahead.

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Contact me with any questions about The Series