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Why Psychology Coaching?

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For some people there can be a potential for slight scepticism as to why somebody may seek the services of a psychology professional.

I find that the following analogy is useful if this arises:

It is possible to take a pair of scissors and cut our own hair. If we asked a friend or family member to help they would probably be kind and do a little bit for us also. Yet, we go to a hairdresser. We go to a hairdresser because they have spent the time training, academically and professionally. This elevates their skill in order for them to be able to see where to snip and when, to know what will be just right for what you want, and to be intuitive to what will be effective and satisfying instead of upsetting or damaging. They are aware of the best techniques available to achieve the change that you are looking for.


As a profession, Coaches are as skilled and nimble with the tools of communication, understanding and effective application of the mind as hairdressers are with their equipment, hands and scissors.


Advances in the field of Psychology mean that there are now more ways to achieve change that are different from just talking therapies. It is good to talk, it always will be, but now it is also good to make use of advanced, intuitive, modern change techniques which can create great shifts, and fast. In whichever way is necessary for the individual situation, I believe in strengthening the qualities which allow people to overcome their problems, go forward, and make the most of their lives.

Straightforward - Positive - Effective - Uplifting - Empowering

My Coaching Philosophy


As a Coach, I don’t narrow down my field of clientele in any way. I feel it is fair to offer assessment and consultation to every person and situation. Whether it be on a personal or interpersonal level; within relationship, social or work situations. Whether the focus is on learning to resolve and move forward from difficulties, or whether it is in improving one’s situation through positive coaching for personal development. Through effective communication, open understanding and respect, I work with individuals to shed light on any problem. We then share the skills, tools and techniques available to highlight any solutions that you may want and need.


Anxiety, stress, low mood or motivation and phobias are common issues. Conflict in work and personal life is not rare, many times these ongoing aggravations can be reduced or overcome. Negative habits around sleep, diet, weight, smoking and exercise are also areas where I can help create lasting change and improvement.


What I love to see is how we can take hold of our brain as a tool for learning and development in order to make the life we lead as rewarding to us as possible! It is a great thing to have satisfaction and desire for our own path, no matter how simple or how grand we may wish that to be. When events and emotional or mental obstacles create barriers to being able to enjoy our place in life it is difficult, and it is unfortunate to be stuck having to cope or suffer. Having the freedom to feel that you have choice in life is a priceless liberation; knowing you can develop the abilities needed to pursue what you want from life is a great gift; finding assistance to gain freedom from difficulty and build happiness, health and fulfilment is a worthwhile endeavour.



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