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Yoga Workshops

There is so much to explore!! 🙂


Many people’s idea of Yoga is the physical practice, it is actually a phenomenally rich and intricate collection of approaches for body, mind, energy AND soul. The traditions of Yoga go way back, thousands of years. Being lucky enough to be introduced to some of the deeper aspects of what is a thorough, scientific and amazing life system in it’s place of origin India was fantastic.


There is much to share 🙂


All our workshops and weekends (unless otherwise stated) will be a nicely balanced blend of physical practices, discussions & concepts, meditations, breathing practices, Yoga nidra and more. We come together as good people doing good things, share much, and always have fun along with it 🙂


Have a look at the events and see which are coming up….


The Next Event – is an Intoduction to Power Yoga 24th February 2018

The Next Retreat Weekend – is 21st – 23rd September 2018

Date TBC – An Introduction to The Deeper Understandings of Yoga

This introduction to some of the elements of Yoga which are other than the physical practice will open your eyes and leave you interested to explore further.


The purposes and potentials of Yogic practices are something which can lead to great appreciation for this ancient science. Much can be gained from exploring it’s teachings. Come along to have a peek into the great art and it’s intentions and from there you can find your own understanding of how it could be of use to you 🙂

Date TBC –   Yoga – Beyond The Mat

The focus of this full day workshop is the elements of Yoga which are intended to enhance and improve our everyday lives, beyond the practices on the mat.


The Yamas and Niyamas are part of a larger Yogic system called Ashtanga Yoga. These are kind of the Yogi 10 commandments. The Yamas and Niyamas are straight forward and simple directions for how to live a clearer more problem free life. They can be very useful in this modern world when things can get a little out of whack with stress and pressure 🙂


Come along to explore, learn and take away with you a simple, empowering and encouraging set of concepts that will help you live a more straight-forward, empowered and contented life.

Date TBC –  Yoga & Mental Focus

This day workshop is all about the science and psychology of mental focus and how Yoga builds this in great ways.


There are plenty of articles and studies that support Yoga’s capacity to develop our brain activity, energy, and powers of concentration. A quick google will find you plenty of support on these subjects 🙂 Or you can come along and immerse yourself in a day of practice and personal development with me and I will happily share with you the best of the knowledge and understandings that I have been lucky to gain along the way in my studies of Yoga, Psychology and Self-Development


Coming March 2018 – Yoga & The Game of Life

This day workshop is a real treat 🙂


Life can be a funny old game. And sometimes it can be not so funny too. Either way, It’s useful to have as good a grasp on it and ourselves as we can.


Yoga and it’s intuitive understandings of how we work as humans and how we can make good of that knowledge in this life brings exactly that!


We will explore some of the most useful and effective approaches and concepts available for gaining clarity, perspective and personal capability in life from the ancient traditions and also from modern western understandings and applications.


And we’ll probably have a laugh whilst we go about it 🙂

Date TBC

– Yoga & Creativity

If you have just an ounce of creativity in you, or if you feel you have absolutely none but are game for playing with and finding some, come to this 🙂


I have seen many people write themselves off as not being good at art, having no capacity for creativity, can’t draw, write or express themselves in a number of ways…. And I can happily say that whatever you think…. that doesn’t matter 🙂 I can’t draw or anything either! Ha. Whatever you think your capabilities are or aren’t, you will surprise yourself on a day like this. And in a most beautiful way 🙂


There are many many ways to tap into creativity and Yoga knows some good ones! This day will introduce you to playing around with all sorts of little tips and tricks for getting creative juices flowing, and for letting it flow. Trust me, good comes from this 🙂


Whether you feel that you’re adept or not at ‘creativity’ stuff, this is a fascinating little day and we will all go away with more than we came in with in the morning.


24th Feb 2018 – An Introduction to Power Yoga

This one is all about the physical.


Yoga, specifcially the Ashtanga physical practice, began as a way of having a bloody good workout and gaining physical strength and conditioning.

It may have become a different practice than that alone for me now but the fact remains, you reeeeeeeaaally can work your body and gain some fantastic physical developments through asana (physical) practice.


This day will bring you a testing set of postures to work at and will definitely show you the challenges that are available to be taken on through Yoga 🙂 A good level of physical confidence is recommended.


Please note that I say confidence!… and not capability. With the right mindset anyone can find the improvements they might wish for through yoga.




The weekend Yoga programmes are an ever changing and ever evolving blend of introductions to different techniques and practices, and to the great depths and benefits of Yoga. Along with time for leisure and thoroughly refreshing relaxation in fine surroundings.


Our weekends are often held at the amazing Yewfield Guest House, Hawkshead, in the Lake District.


We return here because the purpose built Yoga studio is perfect, the house is fantastic and luxurious, the grounds and nearby walks are stunning, and because the staff and the food that they prepare for you is superb.


It really is a gem of a place. And the Yoga isn’t bad either 🙂


Next Retreat –    21st – 23rd September 2018

Contact me for more information on upcoming weekend retreats.